10+1 Tips For Relieving Menopause

During menopause, the woman’s body stops producing the female hormones estrogen and progesteron, which leads to a series of changes.

Apart from the fact, that the menstrual cycle stops, there is a number of other symptoms. As a result of low hormonal level, women experience hot waves, low sexual drive, and there can also be some complications with the health of sexual organs.


However there are a few tricks that can make your quality of life the same as before menopause. You can relieve menopause simply by some little changes in your everyday life. This way you can enjoy your life without hot waves and depression.

Here is what to do:

1. Raise your vitamin intake. You will benefit from supplementation with calcium, magnesium and zinc.

2. The water you drink should be mineral, or at least filtrated. The chlorine in tap water is harmless for most people, but for women in menopause it affect their body temperature.

3. Smoking and drinking alcohol are always harmful, but during menopause you have to completely forget about them. The only exclusion is the beer. It has some ingredients that you can benefit from.

4. Eat only meals that are low in fat. The fatty meats put too much pressure on your body.

5. Give up using spicy herbs, and use more mint, fennel and parsley.

6. The dairy products you should eat are yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese. They are high in calcium, which is important for you. Avoid milk, because it puts pressure on the immune system during menopause.

7. Use olive oil for cooking. Sunflower oil is not healthy for you anyway.

8. The chocolate you eat should be 70% or even 85% cocoa. When you get used to the taste, one piece will be enough for you to start feeling better.

9. Workouts are also very important. You will strengthen your bone system, and you will keep your body in good shape. Jogging in the morning will help you release pressure and improve your mood.

10. When you feel the hot waves, make a cold shake with lots of ice and fruit.

A few supplements you might benefit from are Menoaid for relieving the symptoms, and LibUp for an increased sex drive. Following these simple tips and/or supplementing with Menoaid and LibUp will make you forget that you are actually in menopause.

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