Cherries Relieve Your Muscle Pain

Cherries boost the body’s restorative processes after a hard workout, shows a new American research.

The antioxidants and minerals contained in the cherries, relax the muscles after work.

Over 50 men, that work out regularly took part in the study. Every day, half of them were given a glass of cherry juice, and the other half were given a glass of red water.

Cherries Relieve Your Muscle Pain
Cherries Relieve Your Muscle Pain

On the fourth day, all of them had to do as many repetitions with a barbell with a weight close to their personal best.


Since then, for a week, doctors calculated the pain, the degree of relaxation and strength of the men.

The comparison showed, that men, that drank cherry juice experience much weaker muscle pain, and their strength did not go down after the workout. The other group experienced the opposite.

Doctors add, that to notice a change, you have to eat 300 grams of cherries every day.

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