Country Travels: My Love For Desert Islands

My dream job was to be an adventurer. I was once a contributor, which
was the closest thing. I got a chance to visit some desert islands,
which was what I liked most (about my work). Whenever I saw a powdery
coastline, I thought I was Arkady Fielder (in Speedo).

I visited Cantilan, a municipality in the northern part of Surigao del
Sur, many moons ago. Only a few isles in this town, but there were
lots of pocket beaches. I stopped counting after five, as I was
tempted to jump off the boat, swim towards the beach, and have my
Robinson Crusoe moment. Under the April sun, the sands were
mesmerizing. I waited for several hours before settling on one islet
and frolic (in the Pacific sea).

Months after that trip, I was in (open) sea again, on my way to
Sarangani group of islands. It was night time, and my guide told me
that Indonesia was a few hours away by boat. I wasn’t interested in
that piece of information, as my eyes were fixed on a fog slowly
approaching the wharf. (It was like a scene from John Carpenter’s “The
Fog”.) The next day, we braved choppy water to reach Olaniban Island.
It was my special request, as its white sands glistened from the
distance. I tried to walk around the circular isle, slowly, sinking my
feet into those fine granules. Then I sat down, rubbing my sandy feet
off each other, in able to feel the sand. (I was oblivious to Balut
Volcano, which wasn’t far away.)

I never have enough of this kind of experience, so by chance, I went
to Bucas Grande Island, off Claver, Surigao del Norte (about two years
after my sally in Saranggani). It was hard to tell if Bucas was one
island or a cluster of islets, as vegetation camouflaged the place. I
stopped wondering later that night, as the stars made the isle
surreal. It turned eerie by the sounds of insects and mammals (that I
hardly guessed), which was overwhelming.

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