Fuel prices smash numbers, gasoline exceeds gasoline, and Moroccans are asking: Where are we going?

Today, Thursday, the prices of fuels “gasoline and diesel” increased at all stations in various cities of Morocco.

In a precedent that the country had not witnessed before, the price of diesel witnessed a record increase that exceeded the price of gasoline, as the price of gasoline reached 14.49 dirhams, compared to 14.43 dirhams.

The hydrocarbon sector in Morocco lives on a hot plate that threatens to escalate the flames to an unprecedented extent, affecting the national economy, the production chain, import and export operations, as well as transportation and distribution.











Gasoline exceeds gasoline

And professional sources have previously confirmed to Al-Ayyam 24 that a large number of gas station owners are requesting quantities of fuel these days, but the supply is only half of the demand because the national stock is not sufficient at the moment, and here it is. It should be noted that the Moroccan state imposes a stockpile that covers 60 days of the needs of the national market, but in fact, in the absence of an intermediary, such as the “Samir” refinery, this stock generally does not exceed 30 days. days.

Morocco became vulnerable to fluctuations in the international market after the Samir refinery stopped refining oil and increased the cost because the energy market was directly linked to suppliers to obtain net products instead of crude oil, which provided Morocco with Samir refinery with a refinery. A large tank to protect itself from the risks of the international market and to reduce the cost of importing refined materials.

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