How did Saad Lamjarred and Hatem Ammor end differences that lasted for years?


Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred and his compatriot Hatem Amour ended a dispute that lasted for many years, after the duo announced a joint lyrical work.

The Moroccan duo has been at odds for years after Hatem Ammor commented on Saad Lamjarred’s artistic future after he was accused of rape in court.

The two Moroccan singers are preparing to officially end these controversies after releasing a joint song, but they have not yet revealed the theme of the song or the location of its music video.

Hatem Amour told local newspapers that he and Saad Lamjarred are now preparing to present artworks to Moroccan men and women.

Saad Lamjarred had released the song “Ya Oyouni”, his latest work, two months ago today, and after it was published on the video site of his official YouTube channel, it gained more than 14 million views.



The song comes from the words of Muhammad Al-Maghrabi and the music composition by Tariq Al-Hujaili and Madara, while the song is composed by Mahdi Muzain and the video was designed in partnership with Muhammad Hamim.

The Corona virus pandemic forced the artist, Hatem Amour, to be absent from the Moroccan art scene for two years, to perform last weekend in the city of Casablanca.



The artist, Hatem Amour, recently released the song “What deserves me” four months ago and uploaded it to his official YouTube channel, which has since reached more than 14 million views.

The lyrics of the song were written by the writer Muhammad Al-Maghraby, composed by Mahdi Muzain and arranged by Tariq Al-Hujaili and Madara, while the music video was directed by Anas Al-Qad.

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