How to choose the best pillows, blankets and mattresses for a comfortable sleep?

Bed accessories, such as mattresses, mattresses, pillows, and blankets, can cause sleep problems. Therefore, experts advise paying attention to what suits the person of these requirements in order to enjoy a more comfortable sleep, which preserves his health and practical returns.

There are general guidelines to prepare a good climate so that the person sleeps well, which greatly helps him to maintain his health and perform his work.

Like airing the room at least twice a day so that it has enough oxygen and the best temperature for sleeping is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius, and beware of objects that accumulate dust such as carpets, heavy curtains, etc…

But the equipment of the bedding, such as the mattress, the cover (duvet), and the pillow, as well as the bed linen, are also important elements that must take into account the nature of the sleeping person and what comforts and their preferences.

Since the body releases up to half a liter of water vapor (moisture) during the night, care must be taken to use materials that allow air to infiltrate and regulate the temperature of the sleeper.

Just as a person wears clothes according to the season, bedding should also be seasonal, according to what German site “Freuden” quoted bedding experts.


Many types of covers

First, you need to decide if you want a lighter or thicker shade. Labeling sheets (duvet and blanket) with heat levels 1-5 helps with selection.

Heat level 1 means less heat retention and is suitable for summer, while temperature level 5 offers the highest levels of heat retention and is suitable for winter.

The padding of the cap should be made of fabric, natural fibers, natural hair, or fluffy feathers, natural materials make the covers heat-regulating and not harmful to the skin, and they can absorb a lot of moisture and release it from the cover.

In this way, it ensures a dry climate for sleeping.

The synthetic fibers of the fabric also have an advantage, as they can be washed at 60°C and are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Duvets stuffed with so-called “duvets” are very popular in Germany.

It is light and gives warmth and cools the atmosphere at the same time, that is to say, it has thermal neutrality, and it is particularly soft and fluffy and is therefore suitable for both summer and summer. in the winter.

There are many factors in choosing the right pillows, blankets and mattresses :

Down and feathers, as well as sheep’s wool or textile fibers, are suitable filling materials for pillows.

Depending on the sleeping behavior, i.e. whether the person sleeps on their back, side, or stomach, the shape and size of the pillow must be taken into account.

To avoid excessive stretching or tension in the neck area, only the head and neck should rest on the pillow and the shoulders should sink into the mattress.

The wider the person’s shoulders, the higher the pillow should be. The durability of the pillow depends on the degree of height and the stuffing inside.

For those who sleep on their backs or stomachs, what is best for them are soft, flat pillows.

A side sleeper needs a slightly higher pillow or a neck support pillow.

And in case of problems in the neck area, the anatomically correct position of the cervical spine is particularly important.

And it all depends on the height and support of the pillow (its durability).

In addition, the firmness of the pillow must be identical to the firmness of the mattress, according to what the German site “Freuden” affirms citing experts specializing in bedding.

Rank – weight and height are important factors

Among the important factors when choosing the right mattress: are body shape, height, and weight.

A bad mattress often leads to tension and pain. Therefore, the mattress should have the ability to relieve pressure from the shoulders and waist, in addition to supporting the spine.

Short and light people as well as people with musculoskeletal disabilities should choose a soft and flexible mattress.

Medium firmness is recommended for tall but thin people, and a firm mattress is recommended for tall and heavy people.

Good moisture transfer in the mattress is important for a dry sleeping climate.

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