How to make layered chocolate candy

  • Layered chocolate dessert is a delicious traditional Moroccan dessert that is often used on occasions and holidays

    First class ingredients:

    2 eggs
    8 tablespoons of sugar
    8 tablespoons of oil
    8 tablespoons of milk
    2 boxes of baking powder (vani)
    8 tablespoons of flour
    vanilla box
    1 teaspoon cocoa powder

    Second layer ingredients:

    3 packs of yoghurt
    4 large spoonfuls of sugar
    Ndido cup (65 g)

مقادير الطبقة

Third layer ingredients:

big cup of milk
2 big spoons of sugar
tablespoon cocoa
2 small spoons of Nescafe
Chocolate flan box

How to prepare the first layer:

We beat the eggs and sugar for one minute with the whisk, then add the oil and milk and continue mixing the mixture for another minute, then add the flour, baking powder, vanilla and cocoa and mix everything well

Pour the mixture into the mould, then put it in the oven

تحضير الطبقة الاولى

How to prepare the second layer:

Mix the yoghurt and sugar and mix together with a whisk

تحضير الطبقة الثانية

Then we put the mixture on top of the first layer after it has matured, then we return it to the oven again and only turn on the oven from above.

After a few minutes, we check it with a finger by touching the second layer with a finger.

الطبقة الثانية

How to prepare the third layer:

Mix the milk, sugar, Nescafe, cocoa and flan together by hand in a bowl

نخلط مزيج الطبقة الثاثة
نقوم بصبة فوق الطبقات الاخرى

Then put the mixture over the fire until it closes, then pour it over the cake and put it in the refrigerator until it cools well.

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