Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

You have the right to live, to seek peace, and to be free from the harm of others. The words “life and freedom” will take on more meaning if you can accept that you are here to make a difference at this time in history.

To make a change, you must first identify what you need to change.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Awareness is powerful. How are you trying to survive? Do you live day to day? Do you live in fear of how your spouse, parents, or boss will react to what you say or do? When you live under a rock, hiding and holding yourself back to protect yourself from others and those you think you control, you don’t live, you survive (or try to survive!)… . .

Many women barely make it through the day, surviving day after day in hundreds of ways: living in fear, living in anger and resentment, living in the past, living in emotional pain, blaming others and events passed for their suffering, etc. In this way, you allow yourself to be trapped and, by continuing to allow this behavior, you will continue to feel helpless.

You have the power to change your situation. You need to identify what is holding you back from living an extraordinary life and bring out the best in you so you can experience joy and fulfillment. Once you have recognized your current reality, the next step is to develop a vision of how you can live an extraordinary life.

What would you do ? Where would you live? How would you spend your time? What would it be like to live beyond survival? You are limited only by your beliefs about what you might experience in this lifetime.


You must learn to make choices that align with your new vision and to say “no” to anything that doesn’t align with your vision of a good life.

How do you not survive? In what ways do you not take care of yourself, for example by eating badly, by smoking, by not seeing your doctor or your dentist regularly? Is your financial situation healthy? Being irresponsible gets in the way of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Because you are not living fully, but hiding behind a shield of denial and avoidance.

You can no longer accept such a way of life. Decide now to take responsibility for the quality of your life and choose to live an extraordinary life. Is it difficult? Yes, with most people struggling to survive, it can be hard to do the opposite of everyone else on a daily basis.

However, to separate means to be free. You need to know what old beliefs, patterns, and habits are that are trapping you in an existential state. Eliminate them or replace them with positive and helpful beliefs and habits to create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment while harnessing your abilities and talents. Creating the extraordinary is challenging but very rewarding.

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