My World Of Adventures

My world of adventures

Latest trip…

I have been in Carbin Reef, a shoal off the (northern) municipality of
Sagay, Negros Occidental. I wanted to set foot in that S-shaped
sandbar again. There was a watchtower nearby, where a panoramic view
(of the sandbar) could be seen from above. Alas, that view was gone
upon my arrival; the watchtower was in ruins, while the low tide
turned the sandbar into an eyesore. (Quite.) Maybe that fortification
would be repaired on my next visit.

My World Of Adventures
My World Of Adventures

Destination to watch

Beach is the top travel destination, with Palawan leading the list.
But watch out for Surigao del Sur; on my last visit, the (coastal)
road was cemented, and there were accommodations in most of the
province’s tourist spots. (Don’t miss the Britania group of islets.
Nice view from the highway.) There are more beaches in the northern
parts, Cantilan in particular. It need word of mouth.

The big issue

It’s more fun in the Philippines. Catchy line, but is it enough to
lure more visitors? Did the Department of Tourism (DOT) thought of the
backpackers, who spent months in the southeast Asian mainland? When it
comes to the landscape, the Philippines may offer more than its ASEAN
neighbors, but the country is multicultural too. So there is no local
counterpart of Angkor Wat to draw tourists (from different parts of
the world), but they can still see the Igorot culture (in the
Cordilleras) or the T’boli (in Lake Sebu). Maybe DOT should rethink
its marketing strategy.

Where to next?

I’ll visit Dipolog and Dapitan. I haven’t set foot in the Zamboanga
region, so I look forward to laze around in Dakak. (My love for
beaches goes on.)


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