Qualifying against Real Madrid in the Champions League is almost impossible

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel does not hope that his team will continue in the Champions League, especially after its bitter defeat in the first leg against Real Madrid, but he urged his players to work hard and try to adjust the result.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel said that it is “almost impossible” for Chelsea to avoid exit from the Champions League, stressing the need for the team to dream of amending the situation and removing Real Madrid from the tournament.

The three goals “hat-trick” scored by Karim Benzema dropped Chelsea in the trap of losing 1/3 in the first leg of the quarter-finals, which was held at Stamford Bridge last week.

Chelsea responded to this loss by sweeping Southampton 6-0 in the English Premier League last Saturday, while Real continued on its way to crowning the Spanish League title by beating Getafe 2-0.

Chelsea, who will miss star player Romelu Lukaku due to an Achilles tendon injury, will have a very difficult task at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday.

Tuchel was realistic about his team’s chances of qualifying for the semi-finals. But the German coach expects his team to present a better battle than the first-leg battle that was held in London last week. He said that the chance of overcoming his Spanish opponent is not great, but it is worth a try.

Tuchel said: “One of the biggest challenges is to play a game as a guest at the Bernabeu. If you have to win at least two goals, the match becomes very difficult, almost impossible. It should perform better than expected.”

He added that the team had not previously spared an effort or contribution after its chances of qualifying in any tournament diminished, stressing that they had not done so before, and they would not start tomorrow’s match with less effort because they knew that they would most likely not qualify, and stressed that “it is unlikely that we qualified, But we will try, we will do our best. It’s a big night, a big game, and we’ll try to do better and be in a better shape than we were in the first leg.”

The Chelsea coach said that the team suffered physically in the first leg, noting that the Premier League’s decision to make a maximum of three substitutions per match, compared to five in the Spanish League, harmed his team. The whole season with five substitutes, while Chelsea are competing in the most difficult competition in terms of physicality.”

Tuchel said Chelsea had to come to the Spanish capital and he believed the team could do something. We need an amazing scenario, nothing more. The task is very difficult after the first leg. You are always allowed to dream and sometimes it is important to fantasize and dream about things, but that does not change the fact that we must be prepared.”

He concluded his statements by saying: “We will try hard, it is worth trying. We hope to achieve our dream, but realistically we have to invest a lot.”

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