How To Make Raspberry And Chocolate Cake

How To Make Raspberry And Chocolate Cake
How To Make Raspberry And Chocolate Cake

And now I know that it will be explained that I am pressing for Valentine’s Day and that although I say one thing, I do another but this is life, we are people, people, opinions, and opinions and I can’t force you to understand that this post has nothing to do with any recent holiday With an American flavor.

I made the recipe out of my craving for something sweet this week.

I can’t really do without something sweet, understanding that sweet through fruit, chocolate, cake – anything. So, while flipping through the pages of the wonderful book Ani Phyo (raw food expert, chef, recently dubbed “The Sexiest Vegan Woman”) in search of something good and sweet, I came across this wonderful creation, which activates the salivary glands and taste buds. In an unexpected way! I ate walnuts, dates again, and avocado – as usual, there were only raspberries.

So I ran to the subway in search of a mutant raspberry because I was just so craving!


In general, I can only say this: this cake is incredible! unbelievable! It’s part of that category of raw donuts, which if you’ve tasted it and don’t know it’s raw, you can bet it’s full of flour, sugar, and other bad calories.

It is a creamy cake rich in chocolate, delicious, and above all – healthy.

It doesn’t even contain the pretentious coconut butter or the unreachable maple syrup. no. Just simple and accessible ingredients. This is if we do not take into account the out-of-season berries. But this should not be a hindrance: write your own beautiful recipe and in the spring, when sweet, luscious, and luscious berries appear, you will be spoiled with a wonderful cake! As for patience, I can’t help but tell you this: find berries on the subway!

Raspberry and Chocolate Cake (for about 6 people)

countertop (use 250ml cups)
– 3 raw hazelnut dogs
– 2/3 cocoa/carob from sugar cane
– a quarter of salt
– 1 cup mashed seedless dates
Put the walnuts, salt, and cocoa in a food processor and blend until the walnuts are chopped. Add dates and keep mixing.

The resulting composition should be viscous and come together in the form of a bead when formed in the palm of the hand. If they don’t stick together, add more dates, one at a time, until we reach the desired consistency.

Divide the composition into two equal balls and put them in the refrigerator.
Chocolate cream (use 250ml cups)
– 1/3 cup crushed seedless dates
– 1/4 cup aloe vera/honey syrup
1 medium avocado, well-baked
1/3 cup cocoa/carob
Raspberries for garnish and filling
I used two cans of raspberries
Dates and honey are placed in the robot and mixed until it produces a liquid and homogeneous paste (this procedure is preferred in small robots).
Add the avocado cubes and mix until you get a smooth cream.
Add cocoa and mix.

Assembly Method

It is recommended to use cake shapes as small as possible.

I used some type of paper, I bought from Daiso and sealed it with plastic wrap so I could reuse it:

1. Put a ball of dough into the pan. Roll out the dough with your hands so that it has an even thickness.
2. Place a few tablespoons of chocolate cream on the counter, on a level.
3. Sprinkle the berries, making sure to leave some pieces aside for garnish.
4. Place the other ball on the table over the berries, being careful not to press too hard so you don’t crush the berries.
5. Put the baking tray on a plate.
6. Invert the cake onto the plate.
7. Decorate the face with the rest of the chocolate cream and berries.
8. Put it in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

Refrigerate for up to two days.

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