The Next 5 Myths About Breast Cancer

This is the last portion of myths, that you must know.

Myth 6

If you have smaller breast, you have less chance to develop breast cancer.

Size here doesn’t matter. Every woman can get breast cancer.

Myth 7

New research shows that hormonal therapy can cause breast cancer

Many women were worried because of the results of one research, which showed that hormonal therapy with estrogen can slightly raise the risk of breast cancer. A newer research shows the same thing, but it also proved that the risk goes back to normal six months after the therapy.

Myth 8

Intake of dairy and high-fat products is also a factor.

Three months ago a research showed that there was a possibility that dietary fats can cause breast cancer. However, a new research showed that there is no significant relation between breast cancer and your fat intake.

The reason why these results are so different is because there were other factors involved. In some countries there are less smokers, not that many overweight women and there is different genetic makeup. One thing is certain – being too fat after your menopause is a risk factor not only for breast cancer, but for many other diseases. So keep a healthy diet and exercise if you want to live longer.

And there is no research, that shows any sort of relation between dairy products and breast cancer.

Myth 9

The Next 5 Myths About Breast Cancer
The Next 5 Myths About Breast Cancer

Devices, that check you for cancer can also prevent it.

Around 30% of all women think, that the equipment that is designed to detect breast cancer can also prevent it. The truth is that they are only used to detect the disease.

Myth 10

New research shows, that some of the devices that are supposed to detect breast cancer fail to do so.

Scientists from Denmark said, that if you’re not getting yourself checked with ultrasound, then your result may not be true.

However, later it was accepted, that the key factor is the experience of the doctor conducting your check-up. It is believed, that specialists, who conduct more than 300 check-ups each month are more precise in their diagnoses.

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